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itellthetaleof's Journal

3 December
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Gabrielle is a young women with blond hair and blue eyes. She's rather fit with the start of a warrior's build and is a bit shorter then the average woman. She's rarely seen without her staff in her hand. A tale about Xena is usually on her lips, as if making up for the silence where someone is supposed to be by her side.

 -A green knitted halter top with laces up the front
 -A brown leather skirt with beaded belt
 -A pair of brown leather boots with laces
 -A pair of white linen undergarments
 -A brown leather hair tie
 -An Amazon fighting staff

Gabrielle arrives from the end of the episode Sacrifice Part II of the third season of Xena: Warrior Princess

Gabrielle belongs to Renaissance Pictures and Renee O'Connor belongs to herself. This is just a roleplaying journal for the_blank_slate